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Why Reflection?

Reflection is an online fashion and accessories brand that provides a wide range of products, including t-shirts, notebooks, hats, and jewelry. The brand name is a brainchild of my incredible journey to self-formation and a culmination of my intense desire to inspire women who need love and assurance that they are awesome just as they are. I view every woman as a reflection of myself. I’m remarkably empathetic towards women and feel the need to encourage, embrace, and empower women to take accountability for each other.  

Empowering Women

Although my journey to discovering self-love has had its set of challenges, it has opened me to a new world of beauty and wonder. With a great desire, I am determined to help others learn to love themselves and be their best friends and companions before expecting others to be their friends. With my products, I purpose to help uplift women who feel low, pull them out of the abyss of self-contempt and empower them to see things in a new light with special messages of affirmation that remind them of who they really are and their true worth 

Unlimited Choice

My t-shirts do not only suit you, but they also offer the perfect fit. Most of my t -shirts come in a wide range of sizes allowing you to pick the one that fits you best without incurring additional tailoring charges. I pride myself on having a top-notch customer support service, and I am available to assist you in choosing just that perfect t-shirt that you need. Additionally, my products are well-priced, and you are guaranteed to get good value for your money.

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Just perfect. Cannot recommend enough! 

Alexa Stewart

Excellent quality product, recommended A++ 

Dylan Hyker

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